Game on…..

Yep, tomorrow is the big day.

Not much to say at this point except aaaaagh gibber gibbber!!!

Hope to have news of greatness soon.

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Early start required.

This young fella got up way too early, I snapped him at work yesterday at 4.30 pm.

Event details have arrived for the marathon and its looking like being a very early start on race day.

Training was going fine until a nasty cold struck and kept me from running for 7 days, on the plus side, all my lower leg pain went away. Back to running last night and felt o.k.

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Ooo the kit fairy has been…

Yes the kit fairy visited on my birthday and brought this rather good bottle belt. Tested it last night on a 12 miler and was very pleased. I’m planning to use it in the marathon for gels as well as energy drink, hopefully refilling at drink stations. Don’t you just love new stuff!

The night before we went down to try the new single track mtb route at Moors Valley country park. It’s great, I’d recommend it to anyone who likes cycling. My middle daughter who’s 8 managed fine but its still testing for adults once you speed up a little. Very senic as well.

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Tumblin’ PB

Hope these guys don’t tumble in (sorry thats awful).

Yes the 10k PB fell again on monday down to 42.32. Seventh (corrected sorry) place was achieved in the Sutton Veny 10k which I was very happy with, as it was a challenging course with a sporty looking field of runners. Managing not to wretch on the mile long climb was a breakthrough. Oddly I run uphill fine in training  but under race conditions often a wretch builds up and causes problems.

Really looking forward to the marathon now although slightly nervous about running 6 miles further than I’ve ever run before.

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Ploughing on….

… with training that is.

Things are going well apart from a small blip a couple of nights ago when the usual 12k blast was a real struggle, however I put this down to too much barbeque food/booze and not enough carbs/sleep.

Normal service was resumed last night.

Only one more training run left before the Sutton Veny 10k, then its ratchet up the mileage ready for June 11th.

I entered the ballot for a London Marathon place yesterday, heres hoping.

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Total Munter!

Spotted one of these fellas during last nights evening run. Thought it was a fox at first as I ran towards it, but realised it was a Muntjac as it turned and ran, its the only the 3rd one I’ve ever seen.

I have upgraded the regular run to 12k with 4 decent hills and things are continuing in an upward trend.

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Theres no going back now.

The South Downs marathon is entered and payed for. Plus the kids in the 5k.

I’m actually quite excited. Training is going fine. My knee is behaving and I’m able to run every other night at present.

Did the twin hill killer 12k route tonight, had a bit of lower leg pain but nothing specific, enjoying running in the nice evening weather we are currently experiencing.

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Steaming PB!

These are steaming sheep, but last weekend went really well with a suprising 5th place and new pb of 43.50 for a trail 10k.

The kids and my sister also raced in the 2.5 and 5k races respectively with all doing really well.

Have run twice since then and all is feeling well. Starting to like my new shoes at last.

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Eyeing up the opposition!

The head games begin on Sunday morning. 

Only kidding, but all my fellow competitors always appear much more athletic and prepared than I. Luckilly this usually turns out not to be the case however I fear this weekend maybe different.


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… too quiet, said Custard

Roll on the weekend. I’m stuck in a kind of stasis at the mo. Not wishing to risk any further knee aggro before sundays 10k but really wishing to get out running in this nice weather.

So I’m afraid its all a bit quiet in blog land right now.

This is worth a look though

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